Night suit

In the night suit, night suit
In the night suit, night suit
In the night suit, night suit

Well look at me now
The glass falls down cracking, I'm so proud
Every pulse gets so loud when I step out with nothing like
My old way of walking


All singing, all dancing
Transaction transatlantic
Be someone
Be no-one
Please receive me, don't stop sending

The suit makes you move in ways you suspected
The fabric is made of stances collected
The cut makes you shimmer, it alters your features
You click into focus, it's strict as a teacher

Mobile and fluid, a magnet of glances
Contorted, conductive
Meshed into the dance


Oh teach me to move, oh just teach me to move
I'll be fast, I'll be pleasure, be joy, I'll be jaywalk
Be glitter and flicker, a firefly, a swagger
Tricky and vivid, I'll split light to spectrums
Revolving, reflecting in every direction

In the night suit