Transplant the romance: The unofficial John Foxx lyrics archive

I will eventually put some disclaimer text here, for now be warned that all the lyrics in this archive are by John Foxx, Louis Gordon and/or Ultravox and are, of course, copyrighted.

Most lyrics were collected from various places on the Web.

The lyrics to "The pleasures of electricity" and "Crash and burn", were not available anywhere so I had to painstakingly transcribe them by listening closely to my CDs.

This is a work in progress. More lyrics will be added in the near future.

Your feedback is most welcome. Please email me with any corrections you might find appropriate and with any lyric I am not aware of or simply too lazy to transcribe ,-)

Many thanks to Peter W. Young and Rodney Meiklejohn who helped me immensely in proof-reading and correcting my mistakes.