Underwater Dreamsex

(John Foxx / Louis Gordon)

We're falling
We're flying
We're dreaming
We're diving

The screens are clear blue ocean
Cascading into code
Some process of selection
Chameleons turn and glow

Underwater dreamsex
Underwater dreamsex
Underwater dreamsex

We're drifting
Slow motion
We're breathing
This ocean

Mixing you with me now
Somebody's playing God
We're shifting all perspective
I'm watching you dissolve


You're smiling
We're falling

You're breathing in the water
Your face is ten miles deep
A taste of burning salt as
You're spinning through the street


This screen is
Warm liquid
You're misty
You're glistening

Here come the flicker pictures
Here come the 3-D screens
Here come the motion models
There go collision scenes


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