Ultraviolet / Infrared

(John Foxx / Louis Gordon)

You came crashing through the walls
When the conversation stalled
We all thought that you were dead
But you were hanging by a thread

Before you took the final door
You drew the curtains, took the floor
And then you opened up your heart
And all the ashes turned to stars

Ultraviolet / Infrared
Ultraviolet / Infrared
Feel the static fill your head
Ultraviolet / Infrared

When all the subway lights go down
When you drink and when you drown
Even the driver's looking scared
Because the vision's getting blurred

When your passion's walking blind
And you're too cruel or too kind
You're on a rollercoaster ride
But it's a magical design


When you're burnt out in the blaze
And the tapes are all erased
When the crossfire's got you dazed
And you crash out and you're grazed

Ah, you're looking well, though
Ah, you look like hell, though
There's no one left to sell to
And it's too late to tell you


Ultraviolet / Infrared.....

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